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South African man reveals poverty can make a lady think her boyfriend doesn’t love her because he doesn’t give her money

A social media influencer and relationship advisor from South Africa has stated that poverty has the ability to change a woman’s worldview.

According to Shadaya Knight, being impoverished can lead a woman to assume that her lover doesn’t love her since he doesn’t offer her money.

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He said this on Twitter, which elicited a variety of responses from both men and women.

This is what the young man wrote: ”Poverty can make you think a boyfriend who doesn’t give you money doesn’t love you.”

South African man reveals poverty can make a lady think her boyfriend doesn't love her because he doesn't give her money
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Read few popular comments below;

@fireman_bongani; We are no longer boyfriends but clients dating prostitutes(disguised as girlfriends)

@UDeinfluence; Poverty is making a lot of women stay with extremely abusive men because they are rich The same behavior they’ll never tolerate from broke men And it’s only after the relationship is over that they try to “expose” them

@Mvulazane4; Imagine having a boyfriend who doesn’t give u anything while ur friends get everything, why would u stay with such a man and he calls u a gold digger, I wouldn’t ask but I wouldn’t stay either.

@Fungai_05; It’s like men been slaves all this time and mans is doing some moses kinda work to undo the slave mentality… Preach brotherman

@DEsigNeRclots; And even if they get tht money thw same poverty wil make them buy useless things with that whilst losing out big time on their womanhood

@Nhlekeza19; No self respecting man should give a broke girl money or pay for her education. You will learn the hard way once she sees you as not her ” type” when she buys useless things like nails and fake nails. Never play the role of her father

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